Mrs Smith (Newport Pagnell)

Kitchen Fitting Customers' Comments
The Job went amazingly smoothly considering all the extras that had to be done – hatch blocked up, new ceiling and fuse box. Everything went to plan. Excellent organisation! Thank you.



We’re submitting this review so we can share our experience of choosing Bailey Weber to design and install our new kitchen.   In short – we were delighted!!  Janice and Paul made the whole process a joy and when you consider that we were looking to change ‘the heart of the home’ they exceeded our expectations not only with the design, but the impressively slick installation.

Initially, my thought was that whilst I would prefer to support a local company, they were bound to be significantly more expensive than a big retailer and probably wouldn’t have access to the kinds of products/finishes we may have wanted.  How wrong we were!  Not only do they have a fantastic choice of finishes and colours at a superb price, but you can’t put a value on the commitment and attention to detail that you get when you chose to buy from them.   Compared to friends and family’s accounts of issues they’ve had from using large reputable companies with regards to their new kitchens, ours was an absolute breeze.  Delivered and installed bang on time, to an exemplary standard and with a team who are able to think on their feet and use their knowledge to overcome any issues.

Our kitchen has been up and running for nearly 8 months now and we’re still totally thrilled to bits with the look, fit, finish and quality – it looks brand new!  Janice did a wonderful job of  helping us with the design, as in the beginning, we were rather clueless as to what we wanted and she gently (and patiently!!) guided us through the process, getting an understanding of what was important to us, to enable her to create a layout that worked.  She didn’t complain when we asked her to change or tweak designs, just so we could see how different options may look.  You could tell she really enjoyed this process and came up with wonderful ideas to make the best of the space and still allow clear access to the backs of cupboards etc. 

What we greatly appreciated was their knowledge, unbiased opinion and guidance!  Ultimately, whilst the kitchen was our choice, it was great to be told honestly about the pros and cons of various materials/appliances, or what would work/not work, enabling us to make informed decisions, without being pushed down the route of items that just gave salespeople a greater commission. 

They were not fazed by challenges of the concepts and even created bespoke solutions to enable us to have just what we wanted…even when another company said it was impossible.

Paul’s work ethic is brilliant and we never believed him when he said he would be able to gut the whole kitchen, including units, ceiling and tiles and fully install the new one in five days flat…but he did!  He and Sam worked efficiently through a process that they’ve obviously refined to an art!  Despite setbacks with our existing flooring (nothing to do with them), they went the extra mile to fix issues and even came back on a Saturday to complete the work for us.  And the final result was stunning!!  The quality of their craftsmanship is visible wherever you look and I strongly suspect they are both true perfectionists at heart! 

In summary, Bailey Weber are lovely people who do an amazing job…what more can you ask for!  We 100% recommend them and if we had to do it all over again, they would be the only people we would call!

Thanks again!

Rachael & Chris